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Were back!


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What a great weekend :D :D :D

It was great to hook up with everyone and see the team working like clockwork together.

Shame we did not get to fly.... (thus a delay to the TV media until flying footage has been taken)

Our first Aid Training was perfect! thanks Richard, also Francis for his great met brief.

Also Norman and Terry's work on the route plan was shown for the first time It's great to see how its all coming together!!!

It must mean that were getting close to the time :shock::shock::shock:

Cheers to Dan the Man for the weather Texts ( I got them as soon as I got off Dartmoor on the way home :lol:

Anyway, all good......

And we think we have found our 6th pilot :D :D :: as well!

Watch this space for information.


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Hello Team.

Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. The lack of flying didn't matter, it was great to meet you guys for the first time.

What a great bunch of guys. A rich and varied mix of characters which seem to get on really well, which makes me look forward to the next meeting and the actual doing of the tip to tip even more. Its going to be an amazing experience, and all for such good causes.

Looking forward to the next meeting.



PS Don't forget (DRs ABC) A includes C-spine control and catastrophic haemorrhage. Dan the camaraman will demonstrate, as a quick reminder, at the start of the next session at the next meeting.

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