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Wind and Rain for Dartmoor.


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It looks as though we will be spending much of the Dartmoor Training in the Accomodation, 30mph winds and rain are forcast for the event.

Due to the number of people involved from the media, and the fact the we all need to get to know one another, and we have many meetings, beirfings, interviews to have.. the weekend will still go ahead as planned. (I can supply footage of Paramotoring to the BBC and ITV for demo use)

PLEASE still bring your flying kit, you just never know..... (Dartmoor is a very odd place when it comes to weather in particular)

It is going to be great to hook up with everyone and get the ball rolling that little bit faster, and of course Start the Making of the Tip to Tip DVD!!!! :D

Please aim to arrive at the Warren House Inn not before 09:45 as Dan the Camera Man Man will be filming your arrival. If the Pub is open, please go inside and stay warm, if not wait in your car's until we all arrive and we will dump kit at the Accom and then back to the Warren for the BBC stuff. (Please have T-shirts for this)

I have a full plan for a wet and windy day, we may be finishing a little early on Sunday.



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