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Hello All


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Hi Mark

More than happy to help in anyway with the Cheshire branch.

As you know, I live in Macclesfield, I have a black hawk, black devil & have just bought a new mac para eden 3 which should be with me next week ( complete with my new printed logo!), I also have an older advance epsilon 3 which I have used for free flying & up until now for ppg (only a couple of hours max experience todate but hope that will change come the good weather andlong days!). Fly at Cats alot as only 10 minutes from my house, do'nt like Mam much- always too busy for my liking, so I normally fly Treak on an easterly & Rushup is great as such a big ridge. I would say I am a very conservative pilot only flying when 100% with the conditions etc & I am hoping ppg will allow more flying days on those balmy summer evenings, heres hoping!

I have not managed to find a local field & most of Macc is under airspace but waiting to hear back from a local farmer who may let us fly. Will be great to fly locally & with some pretty active branches close by (Derbyshire/Yorkshire/Liecestershire etc) should be able to organize some well attended fly-ins?

Who else is out there from Cheshire, lets get up and sorted ready for the good weather! :D


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Hi Guys,

Welcome! I have made this banner for you to use as either an Avatar or a signature. You decide how you want to use it (or not) and if you want other sizes just drop me a line.

if you can drop me a Lat/Long of your flying sites that would help, then I can build a locations post so that people can find you. Again if you would rather remain incognito and low key, that's cool too.



To place this banner in your signature, paste the above link into the signature box changing the right hand bracket to this ]

http://img.skitch.com/20080224-nqthi344 ... q5hduy.png

For an Avatar just go to your profile and paste the link above into the spot provided for an external Avatar and it will show up like the one above in my post.

I am updating our club locations map to show 'Cheshire'.

Good luck with gathering your members together, more to come later.

All the best,


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Hi Meds

Sounds like a weekend in lovely north wales is on the cards in the spring?

have you had any luck with flying fields? Must admitt I have not had the chance to investigate much further.

Have we got arcusflyer on board yet as a 'cheshire club' member?

cheers for now

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well done Meds!

yep, i have onrisk insurance for ppg plus a paid up member of bhpa- roll on the decent weather!

my new wing arrived Friday- today was the first time i had the chance to have a look at it in the garden- can't wait to give it a go (if I can remember how to get off the ground!!!)

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Good to see we have a Cheshire club now guys.

I'm combatting the British windy weather with a week in Morocco with Sunsoar in a weeks time. I was sold by the 'Nid d'Aigle' ridge down in the south where I'm hoping to spend a few hours paradangling.

Then I'll be trying to make a bit of headway into this motoring malarky, I called Paul at Mcr paragliders and he seems like a good place to start. Keep up the good work Meds.


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Hi matt

Paul Kilburn is a sound bloke he taught me to ppg.

Meds, yep bought a mac para eden 3- put a couple of photos in my gallery with the printed logos but need to get some decent weather so I can get the wing in the air & take some proper photos

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