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Aerial Search - Help Needed (if you fancy a challenge).


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to cut a long story short I have lost a very expensive aerial filming drone and could do with some help searching from the air before the farmers come out to play in their tractors.

If you're flying from Powick field in the next few days or the coming weekend I'd appreciate any help - the search area's within 1.5kms easy flying distance.

A reward of couple of hundred pounds is offered or as much beer as you can carry in your car! If you're able to help please get in touch.

(I'd do it myself but my Sky 100 is in bits and a rebuild is a week away at the earliest).


Simon Chandler 07775 998792

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Hi Jock,

sorry for the late reply - I was flying nearby Bransford Golf Club and the wind was 12mph NE to NNE. It went awol at around 420m agl so will have drifted with wind for a further 12 mins max - or it could have come down within 100m of takeoff! So the search area is huge and covers a plume going SW from WR6 5LE - max 2.5 miles.

I've leafleted the neigbourhood and farms in the hope someone will stumble on it in a filed or tree. Unfortunetly it's got 2 cameras hanging from it worth £500 and the airframe is another grand so obviously keen to find!

I flew twice last weekend on my paramotor but no sign in open fields from about 250ft up.

Good news is that the Sky 100 is one of the nicest little engines I've flown - very smooth with loads of power for me. Hate the high hang point Fly Castellucio frame/harness though - it stinks compared with active low hangpoints - arms always above head and not much weightshift.

Might be up this afternoon if wind stays down.

Will have to meet up for some flying before winter sets in :wingover: . Say hi to Stew from me.


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