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Stay away from Yankell Echeverria in Guatemala!

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I didn't want it to come to this, I was hoping this guy would change his attitude but unfortunately he has gotten worse.

Yankell Echeverria does paramotor training in Guatemala, and I have just had the misfortune of being his student slash personal bank account.

Although my training started off great, he quickly became lazy and greedy, pulling out extra charges after he had supposedly provided a service. His training sessions meant to be a day barely made it to 2 hours, and to top it off, it has become painfully apparent that Yankell is the reason my paramotor engine blew.

After charging me $75 to break it in and set it up, the engine blew while I was completely alone as he prepared his gear to fly. He first blamed the sand, then he blamed the companies Blackhawk Paramotors and HE saying they used cheap parts (he then started being a distributor for HE, funny that). As it turns out, he kept flooding my engine even when I told him how I had seen it started, he then forgot or didn't bother checking head bolts and chucked in 3 turns on the carb and attached a rev counter I told him I could not see.

After that he ordered parts for an HE engine from PAP to get a discount for himself, the parts of course did not fit so there goes $600 out of my pocket. Without my say so he orders new parts from HE and then charges me for both parts including delivery and taxes. He charges me $150 for what should be a 15 minute repair, and then adds on all sorts of ridiculous charges for things like picking up the parts.

End of the day I paiid him $650 for the privilage of blowing my engine and got the hell out of Guatemala. He is trying to get another $600 - $1000 out of me, and because I wont pay it, is threatening me with stealing my motor, swearing at me in facebook, and now spreading all sorts of crap about me around the net.

It is a hard lesson to learn, but just because he seemed nice I trusted him. Believe me, stay away from Yankell Echeverria of http://www.ppgguatemala.com


This guy will bleed you dry.

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