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How to forward launch for newbs (like me)

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I am still waiting for a piston to arrive here in Guatemala so my trainer Yankell can repair my Blackhawk Paramotor. The silver lining though is that I have been kiting my wing a hell of a lot more than I would have if I had been able to fly all this time. So in a way, being grounded has been good for my skill level.

It also means I have had a lot of time to make little kiting videos, and I had the foresight on the field yesterday to make one about forward launching! I am of course new to the sport and do not have perfect technique, but maybe a video from a newb might help other newbs out there who still have limited knowledge of the ins and outs of powered paragliding.

So here is a video of "How to forward launch for newbs!"


P.S. I could not get the video to embed on this site?!

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