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simonini mini 2 and bing 84 carb setup


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I have a simonini mini 2 plus motor with a bing 84 carb and my motor appears to be running hot. I have a 155 main jet in my carb and I am wondering what main jet others have with a similar setup and I increasing the size one notch (160) will help bring my temps down. Any input would be appreciated. I have cleaned my head and piston and actually just ordered a new cylinder and piston setup.

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adding more fuel will lower the temp. so yes, going higher in jet size from 155 to 160 will cool the engine. and u can also try, moving the needle lower, to make richer in mid range as well as will make richer in the top end. Most needle are 3 notches. Clip to the lowest notch so the needle come out the furthest. I would do that before a jet change. That simple 2 millimeters will make a difference. 

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