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Active flying.

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Last Sunday managed to get my wing out for a spot of much needed ground handling practice. Comes back quickly thankfully.

One of the lads went up for a quick flight and I also witnessed just how bumpy thermals and gusts can make it. Seeing some active flying flying till he gained height and it smoothed out.

It made me wonder though. When having to active fly your on the brakes how does this effect things with regards to reflex. Do you still let your trimmers out and fly the brakes or tip toggle, or is better to trim it slow and stay with brakes?

Cheers Lee.

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Wing type would be useful info.

But as a rule, Trimmers in, brakes and active flying. Trimmers out, let the reflex do its thing. and or use the tip steering (or variant of)


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This time of year can be really bumpy - I try and avoid paramotoring in thermals by sticking to early morning or evening flights. I have an older synth too and I have to say, on the odd occasion that it has got bumpy up there, the reflex profile and tip steering was excellent - very smooth and not too scary at all! At lower altitudes, I'd still prefer trimmers in and to fly the wing with brakes in hand, just in case - I think you get a better feel for what's actually happening that way.

Have you checked out the RASP website? Might give you a good heads up as to when it'll get thermic and at what heights - it's very useful!



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