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Hi and Welcome to the Paramotor Club.

I am sorry that you have not yet had a reply :-( it seems that you are in a bit of a dead area. I am just off to eat some food but I will then have a quick scan about for you and see who is closest to you. :-)

Again, welcome!


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Hello again :-)

A trike, requires an NPPL (M) 'licence' to fly in the UK.

I am not sure about the engine / your weight e.t.c but I would focus on the Paramotor build first rather than a trike build. ;-)


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That's about the truth of it to be fair.

Foot Launch and we are as free as a bird (allowing for air law) of course. :-)

As soon as you add wheels, you need an Nppl.

You can either learn in an actual microlight and then have the same licence needed to fly a trike (which is just bonkers!) that can happen, but exactly how I did it so now I can fly a Eurostar, a C42 and a Jabaru microlight AND my 'Powered Parachute' lol

Like they are anything like the same..


You can learn on a trike (for about the same money when all is said and done) and then be restricted to only 'Powered Parachutes' (a trike)

There are many people in the UK flying trikes and quads without a licence, but this is not recommended at all. Its one of those things that will be loads of fun up until the day it bites you in the arse.

My advice,

Learn how to foot launch first and run with that :-)


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Mate I have to be honest, there are only a handful of people that I recommend ( because I have met and know them )

I am not suggesting that they are no good at all !!! but I don't know them enough to be able to recommend I am afraid.

Someone will pop up if they are worth a recommendation :-)


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