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Solo 210 Engine Mount Bolts - HELPPPP


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I had a real dinger today. I have a Solo 210 engine mounted on a Walkerjet frame.

As I've not used the motor in a while, I thought I would start it up and run it a while. About 10 minutes in to the run the bottom engine mount bolt must have worked loose and it hit the prop - destroying the prop and the bolt. The engine casing seems un-damaged thankfully.

I should have chequed the bolts - dick head!

Anyway - The engine has 3 mounting bolts, 2 at the top and one at the bottom, which came loose. The two at the top have large rubber washers that help absorb vibration, but I can't remember for the life of me if the bottom one did.

Q1) Does the bottom bolt have a rubber washer.

Q2) Does anyone know the exact type of bolt - E.G. M8 or M6, also the lengths.

I'm presuming someone has the answer to these rather specific questions as I'm guessing most Solo 210 engine mount configurations are the same?

The engine doesn't seem damaged as I shut it down immediately. At least I'm hoping it's not knacked. A new prop is ordered and on the way.

Many thanks,


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I had a PAP with a solo 210 and it DEFINITELY had a 30mm ish thick rubber bobbin in three places to mount the engine to the frame. There were big penny washers either side and it had an M8 allen headed locknutted bolt about 75 mm long in three places.

One of these became floppy and I replaced it twith a car part for mounting a fuel pump I think it was. A rubber bobbin with a bolt thread coming out each end like a mini engine mount. I think it was off an audi or VW. Worked very well.

Curious that yours came loose like that, check the others have nylock nuts?

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It if was a 30mm x 8mm I can get you a new one as this is a standard Parajet Macro bottom engine mount.

We also have 20mm ones.

PM your address and I will ask Giles to stick some in the post.


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