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Simonini mini 2 EVO vs propeller configuration


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I am a PPG pilot from Croatia.

I recently purchased a Simonini mini 2 EVO with my own cage construction, and I have a few questions for EVO owners (for example Kobra Rocco 230 EVO ST).

Please let me know what kind of reduction and propeller you use on your motor Simonini EVO.

I got on my motor a reduction fitting 129/53 (pinion 1:242) and I have a two blade propeller Helix 125 cm L-L 08-2 H 30 F. With such a propeller I can achieve max speed 6500 rpm. In cruising speed I have 4500 rpm and consumption is about 4,5 l/h !!!

Please let me know the exact label of three-bladed Helix propeller that you use on your motor and what is the max rpm with this propeller. On Kobra website is data that at approximately 5500 rpm this motor spend about 3,5 l/h. I must mention that I have a lot of experience in setting Walbro carburetor, but I can't achieve to reduce fuel consumption as they are.

I have Skywalk Scotch L wing, and with my previous motor Simonini mini 2+, my consuption was around 2,5 l/h.

Please if You can help me. Because my consumption is to big.

Best regards


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