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The new social area of the Paramotor Club site. is LIVE!!


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The new ‘Social Network’ side of the Paramotor Club is NOW LIVE!!!. :-) :-)

The first thing that you need to do when you go there is to start adding friends to your network. It works in the same way as facebook so you will only see posts made by yourself and your friends. So the more friends the more content.

I will be online and accepting friend requests all day today (give or take a dog walk at some point) :-) so please do feel free to friend request me. :-)

Paid members have full access to all of the features including the live chat.

Free members can use everything except the live chat. (which means that paid members can not chat with non paid ones via the chat system even if they are a friend, if you send a message they will not see it.)

The status updates bar, ‘whats on your mind’ will accept links, videos, and all sorts of stuff. Simpley post a link to the page and click fetch page and it will embed that page on your ‘wall’

Please feel free to post links, adverts, for sales, anything clean!! but remember, that people will unfriend you if you post loads of spam.

Have a play around, and send out some friend requests.!! :-)

To access the ‘social area, click ‘The Fly Inn’ at the top right of any page or in the box on the right.


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Quickest way to add friends is to click on a persons name (anywhere either on the forum, or do a search) and then click +friend. :-)

This will send a message to that person who can accept or reject your request.

There are one or two unlucky people that I added pre launch who I now cant add as a friend or vice versa (and maybe some of you who clicked the early emails) but were all over it like a rash! :-)

Please do take the time to have a look around, the most important thing is to add friends, the second most important thing is to add content :-) Any videos that you can find from the tube or here would be a good start, and then the comments will follow.

Its one of those things (not unlike facebook) that when you first look at it, its a bit (cant be arsed with that) but in this case, I assure you that its worth it :-) :-) Click below and log in.



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I have no idea LOL

But I have passed it on to someone who does. :-)

Sorry about that :-( the View new posts link is working still which is kind of the same thing (until the active posts link is working again)


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