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Tandem bar set up - confused ?


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My friend and I are looking at starting to do some tandem rides and are a bit confused about the spreader bars

and different set ups so hopefully somebody here can guide us in the right direction - thanks !


We are aware of the safety risks and we will be playing around with this between the two of us

and not risk the limbs or life of random hot girls we will try to impress :)

We have a Blackhawk Airmax with a rhino cage with a high attachment point.

Attached is a picture and as you can see its above the shoulder.

We would like a set up with a U-bar for directing the passenger and then a rigid spreader bar.

The problem that I can see we are running into is that with the high attachment point attached to the spreader bar we will have problems reaching the breaks in the air and also ground control will be pretty difficult with the risers attached to the spreader bar putting them even higher.

Does anybody have experience with a tandem set up on a black hawk airmax or a similar set up with these high attachment points ?


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Thanks Pete,

It's this one from Miniplane....


I have looked into it but on this http://www.miniplane-usa.com/videos/tandem.htm

the pilot and the passenger are very pressed together and it seems like the bar is pressing the passenger down which making running more difficult...

The one that to me looks the best after scouting the internet is the one from U-turn


Anybody tried this one ?

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I would go for the miniplane set up, the bars will not push down on the passenger when running as there is no weight to press down and in flight you want the passenger slightly lower as in the picture so you the pilot can see unobstructed.

You can always move the hang points forward more to lift the passenger more if you wish.

The uturn set up puts a LOT of strain on the webbing where it goes over each end of the bars so would need a very though check prior to each flight.

Remember always carry a reserve you are responsible for your passengers safety!!!!


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Thanks a lot Pete,

I will have an extra look at the miniplane tandem bar and I might go with that one....

Yeah, ground kite handling is not very comfortable with these high hang points.

I learned kiting with a training harness with a low hang point and I still struggle a lot when launching.

I will look into maybe converting to low hang point....

Thanks !

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