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U-turn Dominator?


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Just got this from a friend.

The Dominator appears to be a K2 copy. Dell Shanze is reported to have a licence to produce the K2 now that Sly no longer do so. Where it is made or by whom no-one seems to know. It may be made by Sky for Dell or he may be passing it off as Sky because he has a licence.

Whether it is a good wing or not is not easy to say without seeing it's build and checking it's flight character. The K2 is certainly a very good glider but even if it is made to the K2 pattern the line lengths may have been modified to re-trim it in some way so it could be a completely different character to the K2. I can find no record of any certification for it.so it is impossible to tell.

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And the latest reply...

Misha, at Sky, says they make it as OEM for Paraglider Mall (US inc) who own the design. Seems Dell has purchased the design of the K2 and Sky are making it for him. Provide he has not altered the line lengths or risers (beyond adding trimmers) it should perform just like a K2 with the same build quality and would be Afnor Standard so your man should have no worries if that really is the case

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