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PAP Moster And Apco Wings for sale


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PAP Moster 1450 3 part chassis

•Spare Tank (Upgraded to latest light weight one), Netting, Clips, 3 kick starter straps, etc.

•Cooling Shroud, and all Vittorazi cooling / upgrade modifications (No heating problems)

•3 X propellers

•ATS System.

•Carbon Fibre Seat Pad.

•Foot Stirrup.

•Free Spee adjustable Speed Bar.

•PPG Meter (Fuel, CHT, Revs, Hours etc.)

•Sup'Air Lite reserve Parachute (large)

•Cage Luggage Bag.

Under 30 Hours excellent condition. £3,500

No Dings, bumps, prop strikes or bum landings.

This machine has been carefully run in and is fully set up and ready to use, would cost double to build.

Manufactures page http://www.papteam.com/Moster_ing.php

Also Selling the following wings:

Apco Force Medium Brasilia less than 30 hours very good condition £1,500

Apco Thrust HP Medium Brasilia about 60 hours good condition £800

Dudek Marlin 12M training wing reasonable condition £500

Ground Handling (paraglider) harness Including 110 mm foam back protector and carabineers as new condition £150

Apco Thrust Medium wing Blue for Ground handling only £200

Pictures at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/diqav98ei419nh0/-edeTYXKZ3?lst

Check out SurreyPPG on youtube for video’s

Selling as not being used and gathering dust.

Collection from near Guildford Surrey or shipping at cost

Let me know if interested or I will put on eBay next week, all are priced for a quick sale.



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