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Bubbles in fuel line


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Hello everyone , today I decided to fix the bubble problem my Ros 100 powered Seraph Backbone has. Replaced the fuel line with Tygon , a continuous run from clunk/filter in the tank to the carb inlet with one joint half way up the frame [proper job].Took out the priming bulb and fuel filter . Still have bubbles and I am pretty sure they originate in the carb and run up into the fuel tube.I'll order a carb kit but in the mean time anyone have experience of this ? , or any other ideas, Thanks. Forgot to mention Carb is a Walbro WB32.

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Progress, took of the carb back plate cleaned and refitted and no air bubbles. Odd and potentially dangerous thing happened when I started it up with air in the fuel line. Engine picked up revs [prop is off] so tried the kill switch ,didn't work so I flipped the plug cap off and she still ran .I think the engine must have been running in diesel mode. So an air leak in flight could give an out of control engine, when my new primer pump arrives I'll fit it where I can give it a squeeze. Cheers.

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