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Paramotor Package for Sale

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Hello folks,

I have recently decided to call it day on Paramotoring.

Numerous reasons, mainly on-going poor health after chemo a while back, and the appearance of yet another hernia means I can no longer waddle around with 30kg plus strapped to my back. Unfortunately work commitments are also conspiring to keep me working abroad all the time.

Sad to see the kit go but I simply don't think I will be fit enough anytime soon to pursue this sport with the focus it deserves.

The following set up is therefore for sale:

Parajet Volution 2 Macro with less than 2hours flying time. Fitted with latest Sup-Air Harness.

Paramania Revo 2 (29 Sq Mtr) Wing, 3 hours flying time. Also used for ground handling for training.

Apco Mayday 20 (160Kg) Reserve chute packed in a Sup-Air front cockpit.

Dudek Training and Free flying harness with the optional back protector fitted.

White Icaro Scarab Helmet fitted with PM100 Micro Avionics Headset. Can be fitted with iPhone connection etc.

Midland G7 XT radios with charging base.

Spare Li-Po starter battery.

A couple of the latest brand new Training Books thrown in.

All items as new. You are practically ready to fly with this set up.

Price - £4950. Sensible offers considered.

Would rather sell as a lot to another pilot than sell separately. PM me if you are interested. Not on eBay at this time.

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I will have your spark plug, 1 prop section and your fuel cap and one crab if you end up splitting ;-):-)

Sorry to hear that your not able to continue dude :-( Have you thought about a trike / quad? (BMAA lessons for actual 'licence') will be happening at Membury for next season all going well. :-) If not soon after.

Worth a thought if you love the flying but cant do the weight or running dude. (where there is the will, there is a way) :-)


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and one crab if you end up splitting

I have plenty of free crabs.. dont need to split a paramotor for that .. :oops:

Serioulsy, I dont think my flying is finished forever. I have a feeling I will be looking seriously at NPL and or PPL (or EASA equivalent) in the near future and I know that can lead me to Membury as well :D

I need to get some surgery out of the way firs though. Will stay around on the forums as there are plenty of decent folk in here with a general aviation interest anyway.

If you have any students that are about to qualify I would be happy to flog them my kit if they cannot stretch to brand new !

Lastly thanks for all the help SW. I may even pop up to see about the fixed wing stuff :)

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I am sure that I can get you super mates rates for fixed wing dude. Either NPPL or NPPL (m) let me know and I will make it so. :-)


Will be very interested in that cheers SW.

Let me sort out the paramotor gear sale and I can then follow up on your offer in earnest.

Will most likely pop up the field to catch up as well. Will text in advance of course! :wink:


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Crikey some damn good deal's on here lately wish I had some money lol, feel for you guy's having to part with your gear for one reason or another.

I parted with Enzo as well and all he does is call me poof :roll:

Aaaawww, is this our First Anniversary fallout?!

Oh, at least the making up will be fun.

Anyways, I think I would be too fat to be co-pilot in yer microlight Woody. :roll:

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