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South African brethren been blind-sided by regulation - help

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Hi Folks

I've heard that our South African brethren have been bulldozed by regulation. Who in our body/ BHPA are the thinkers that have kept us free? Can we pass on some advice/ experience to them to fight their case? Is it Michel? Andy?

Here's their latest discussion:

"Thanks Rupert,

Please send someone's contact to me, even just a case study as an example will be handy. I know Keith has a few stories up his sleeve as well, they worked well in '09/10 when we convinced the Aeroclub that we are not powered aircraft that are dependant on the power for a safe flight but that the power is rather an auxiliary to our Paraglider which can operate safely even with an engine out.

Obviously they weren't completely convinced and I'm sad to say but I don't think the last attempts at sorting our house out was very helpful.

Mias de Klerk.


From: Rupert Dodds

Sender: sa-ppg@googlegroups.com

Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 12:55:53 -0700 (PDT)

To: sa-ppg@googlegroups.com

ReplyTo: sa-ppg@googlegroups.com

Subject: Re: [sA-PPG] New regulations with immediate effect

Exactly. Clearly there was no thought process or consultation involved.

Keith... guys - are you on the UKPPG forums? Do you need contacts? There are clever people in our towering and invaluable BHPA who sort all this out. I don't send them enough chocolates and thank you notes. I should.

We have that monster called the EU that would have had us flying with transponders, if free-flying at all, if it weren't for our BHPA folks.



From: Tileguard

To: "sa-ppg@googlegroups.com"

Sent: Thursday, 1 August 2013, 20:45

Subject: Re: [sA-PPG] New regulations with immediate effect

My question again is ....how will they police this.....again no thought process involved ...????

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On 01 Aug 2013, at 9:35 PM, Rupert Dodds wrote:

Any UK folks looking at this? How do we keep a lid on regulation? I'm never in doubt that the status we have in the UK is quite amazing. Tricks to be learned from how it was achieved?

I hope you guys can sort it, sadly I can't help but I'm sure someone can.



From: Martin Schentke

To: sa-ppg@googlegroups.com

Sent: Thursday, 1 August 2013, 20:20

Subject: Re: [sA-PPG] New regulations with immediate effect

More rogue pilots in the making is what they are imposing. Simple as that. Squeeze a lemon too hard and you are going to get a stinging eye. We are glider pilots not airline pilots for freak sakes


On 1 Aug 2013 18:22, "Keith Pickersgill -Xplorer UltraFlight" wrote:

I have marked this URGENT as it impacts on every single powered pilot under SAHPA, regardless

of aircraft type.

It has come as a shocking surprise that new regulatory amendments have been gazetted on Tuesday

(30 July 2013) with far-reaching implications for PPG, PPT, PHG's, without due consultation

with the industry.

These new amendments came into effect immediately.

Among these, of concern to PPG, PPT and PHG is the following, spotted by Long Pete:

66.04.3 An approved person certificate may be issued in respect of any of the following

categories of non-type certificated aircraft:

(a) aeroplanes, including microlight aeroplanes;

(b) helicopters;

© gyroplanes and gyrogliders;

(d) gliders, including power assisted and touring gliders;

(e) manned captive and manned free balloons;

(f) powered paragliders and paratrikes as well as powered hang-gliders.

Classes of certificates

66.04.4 (1) The classes of certificates for an approved person are -

(a) APC1: inspection certificate, which does not include inspections on repair, or

modification work;

(b) APC2: repair and maintenance certificate, which includes inspections on repair,

maintenance or modification work which has been done as well as carrying out

such work;

© APC3: restricted inspection certificate for airframes and/or engines, issued by

type, excluding inspections on modifications and repairs.


There may be many other aspects of concern to us, as the docs approximate 500 pages which have

not yet been read through.

Chris Martinus, Vice President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, has declared

these new regs to be illegal on the basis that there was no consultation with the industry for

input, comment or objections.

Three years ago when we first heard talk of introducing AP's for our PPG/PPT and PHG, we

objected in the strongest terms. We were asked to elect representatives from the industry to

participate in discussions regarding these proposals. I was elected onto that panel, but then

never heard one word about any discussions. No minutes, no memo's, no correspondence, nothing.

We assumed the proposal died a natural death... until today when i read the above.

This is most distressing, as this is now the law!

What this means is that at some time in the very near future, only AP's (Approved Persons) who

have demonstrated the appropriate skills and capabilities, will be permitted to do certain work

on paramotors, paratrikes and powered hanggliders (with or without wheels).

We believe this to be ridiculous, however the "powers that be" think otherwise.

We need to read the rest of the docs to see what else they are imposing upon us without prior



Keith Pickersgill

Xplorer UltraFlight

Powered Paragliding

Equipment, Training and Tandem Flights

PO Box 36784, Chempet,

7442 Cape Town, South Africa.

Mobile 082-414-8448

email: keith@xplorer.co.za

Web: http://www.xplorer.co.za"

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