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Warming up ya motor

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We had a lovely mini fly in (5 pilots) this weekend just gone. One thing that was apparent was the difference in our set ups. The site was quite a sensitive one with regards to noise.

Heres something I wanted to ask: I have been told that the best or at least that it is fine to warm up your motor at idle. I just start it, idle it for 2 minutes and thats that. When I walk to the wing to fly with the motor on my back I do turn on and crank to max half throttle for a few seconds before clipping in and flying away. It works for me, seems to be less noisey and intrusive and maybe even better for the engine (or worse :shock: ??).

One guy insisted on kneeling down into the motor and crankin it on full revs for some minutes in order to warm up the engine - hell of a racket..before doing the same again prior to flying.

Which is the best way? or what do you do?


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Warm up on tick over, a quick squirt into the power band and then go :-)

Also does my nut in when people sit there for ages on full chat !!!

SW : D

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Definitely slow and gentle. Everything expands at different rates so treat it nicely. I start and let it tick over for about a minute, give it a few gentle revs, a bit more tick over then run it at cruise revs for ten seconds a couple of times - then I consider it warm enough for a quick blast at take off revs for a maybe five - ten seconds then it's ready.

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