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Anyone used Hi-Fly props?


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I stumbled and fell on launch this morning (scrubby uneven land, should have known better) and took the tips off my prop. I've made a quick repair but it's not balanced and needs to be done properly. Meanwhile I was thinking about a spare and wondered if anyone has any experience of Hi-Fly props? They are a lot cheaper than the standard one for my Thor so it's a winner in that respect but I'd never heard of them until I found them today.


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Used the Hi-Fly prop for the first time tonight. It looks identical to unbranded one supplied with the Parajet Thor and was balanced perfectly - price was about £205 from parashop.co.uk plus about £15 next day delivery (so a good price). They are about 1-2mm thicker on the hub than the supplied prop.

Flew lovely, seemed to have more thrust early on but that may be the same illusion as my car going faster when it's just been washed.

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