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GoPro Hero2 - SD Card Full Message


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Enjoyed a cold & breezy flight before sundown last night, and as usual captured the whole event on my helmet-mounted GoPro Hero2.

Only I didn't, because upon landing I discovered a "SD Full" message on the display. Reviewing the footage this morning I discover the camera stopped filming after 10 minutes... grrrrrrrrrrr

The thing is, the card is still half empty. Which raises the question, what is the maximum SD card size a GoPro Hero2 can utilise???

FYI the card I was using is 8gb. There was already some content on there, but it has stopped recording when the total card content got to 4gb. Why can't my camera utilise the full 8gb???

Any advice would be much appreciated...



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.. I had something similar with my very old GoPro - I reformatted the card and it showed some corrupt areas. I could use the rest of the card without a problem, but ended up doing the same as martinpa - chucked it away and got a better card

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