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No Longer a Bystander

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Finally, no longer a bystander.

Alex Ledger got me in the air after a couple of days refresher training. What an experience..

The weather was a bit bumpy upstairs, which was a bit worrying, but after my second and third flights I was loving it. I had a coms failure on my third and final flight so had a real 'solo' flight and landing. Awesome.

Big thanks to Alex and the staff at SkySchool..


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Farmer Dave, I put a vid on FB which I tagged Alex into, a green, white and orange wing taking off after a few steps and half throttle... That was my second flight.

My third flight was a solo affair in the same wind, thats when comms failed and I had a solo landing as well...interesting times, but the slightly higher than normal wind element made it a very slow descent and only a half flare for touchdown...

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