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BHPA or Private Training

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Hi ,

I am looking into takeing paramotoring soon.

As for training i am quite confused what is available.

There are instructors which are willing to coach but no BHPA qualification provided.

As for insurance AXA will do.

On the other hand a CP BHPA qualification is bit on expensive side like 40-50 % more than private one.

Plus the membership feel with insurance.

I dont know what to go for.

Is there any benifit of having CP qualification or its just a name and a membership card ?

Can i have you inputs on this matter please so that i can make right decision.

Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for reply :)

Right so no need to spend more money on BHPA training. No real advantage from it . . .

Can i just fly anywhere or do i need to be a clubs member or something like owning a hill ?

I am based in South Yorkshire.

You need land owners permission to take off and abide by the ANO,

your instructor will fill you in with all the details and knowledge that you need to know

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I'm sure everyone has their own view on this, but I'll give you my perspective:

I got training a few years ago from an indepent instructor. I have regretted it ever since, for the following reasons:

1. The instructor was terrible (despite some forum recommendations)

2. He didn't follow a proper syllabus, which left me with important skill gaps that I had to fill by doing further training elsewhere

3. I have no proof/certification that I am a competent pilot and am therefore unable to fly in certain places/events. e.g. I was unable to fly at Basse Ham in France last year (while BHPA pilots showed their cards and were welcome); I am also unable to fly with clubs in the area of France where I spend a lot of holiday time.

4. I have no insurance. Last year I couldn't get any. This year I'm told it is now available, but it is expensive.

If I knew then what I know now, I personally would have gone the BHPA route. Given the cost of re-training and expensive insurance every year, in my situation, it would have turned out far less expensive in the long run.

Your needs may be different, and I'm sure that if I'd had a good instructor following a good syllabus and giving trustworthy advice, life would have been a lot easier. We're in the same part of the world, so whatever you choose, I hope you don't end up with the same instructor I had. PM me if you would like any more details.


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