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Bargain Backbone


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My mate did the legwork to get me a Seraph Back bone 125. Bought as a non runner.Fixed a few faults on the fuel side and put in Lipo batterys to replace the duff Pb battery and it goes like a good un.

I would like to change the gear box grease,i know i need 150 gms of castrol LM but would just like to know that there are no suprises waiting for me when I split the gearbox flange.Any advice appreciated.

Guy who sold this had struck it up in his garage and it went to full revs,fortunately he was able to stop the prop,unfortunately with his bonce. Many stitches and a new prop later he decided paramotoring was not for him.

Best regards,Mal.

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As a guess Mal, if there were no remains of grease in the box, then possibly stick with oil.

Maybe an EP 80 or 90 grade?

Personally, I would rather have oil in the box than grease, as it will always be in contact with the gears when moving. Whereas grease will get slung to the side of the casings and just sit there.

Just guesses on my behalf as I use a constant drive 'blades of death' machine.... :D:D

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Did the job today,no problem apart from the gooieness of the grease.Decided to go back to grease as when Ros changed from grease to oil they added a seal ,presumably to protect the clutch.Very hard to measure out 150 grams of grease,sticks to everthing.Put in a little more than required and will run the unit ,prop off,to deal with any overflow. Mal. PS though i have not flown yet and know nothing in real terms I know i will never face plant.My nose will prevent that.Regards,Mal.

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