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Tip to Tip Stops?


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I am fairly sure that we are stopping there :D

The person who will be able to help you more is Norman or Terry W as they are the route planners. Nothing is stone but we are now starting to firm up the route to fit in with media and 'sight seeing' for the DVD footage.

Thanks very very much for the offer of food and help along the way! I know for sure that we will need lots of that :D:D


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Hi Richard,

At the moment we've planned a stop at Todmorden on the 4th day of flying for fuel.

In one of your posts you talk about flying around Stailand.

Is this any where near the local Restaurant you mentioned?

As the distance between Todmorden and Stainland 8 miles (as the crow flies) so a little tweeking of the route is no problem, as nothing is final yet.

It would also be great for the Yorkshire lads 'n' lasses to join us on this part of the route.

Many thanks to the Yorkshire Branch and of course your sister for the generous offer of food and help.



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Hi Terry,

Yes, the restaurant is next to the flying ground which is in a little village called Stainland, Todmorden is only a few minutes flight away in fact i can see Tod once i get in the air.

Not sure if this will help:

Google Earth

Latitude: 53°40'30.30"N

Longitude: 1°52'58.07"W

My sister (Lynn) is a keen organiser of events and has close links with the local newspaper and council so shouldn't be much of a problem to set something up however large or small you want your welcome party, so whether it be a splash and dash or an overnight stop we should be able to help you sort something out up here.

Let me know what you think.

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We will do all we can to satisfy club aspirations on the way North. The need to make the distances over time will influence where we nightstop, but a 'gas, munch and run' may be possible almost anywhere if the circumstances warrant it.

The Event has a mission and social activity must take second place to it, but we would be missing a fantastic opportunity if we didn't hit every base that we can within reason.

Imagine NOT landing in Yorkshire! We probably couldn't get overflight permissions to the 'Peoples Republic of the West Riding' without landing if we tried.

We will let you know as soon as we can what the proposed itinerary is to be as soon as it firms up. Even when written, as we all appreciate, it can change by days due to the vagaries of the weather. Fingers crossed though eh?

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As we sit on our windswept microlight's airfield at Roche, what a delicious though and a great morale booster -cakes in Yorks! I will pass the word on and please thank your sister who you must name for us. It looks as if we may start to run a little behind schedule but there is some determination to catch up where possible. Weather delays don't come as a surprise at all, they were anticipated.

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