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next meeting sunday 27th Jan 08

Guest parajetsimon

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a few have asked to meet up again next weekend, so calling all wishiwasflying people 2PM next Sunday at the HQ it is.

There is loads going on since we last met... A few of you may already have an idea, but watch this space in particular the TIP to TIP post!!!!! :wink::wink::D Anyone got a spare tent/motorhome? come on SimonW tell um.

In addition, I think Jase & Rich are in the process of designing some LPC (Leics Paramotor Club) clothing, it sounds like the dogs what they have in mind,.. I will let them post the details.

It will be worth coming just to see Rich's SPH5 (If he can convince customs to let him have it) :? (I want one.... (git)

We might have a few more things to discuss as well, Kev & Stuart!! sssshhh

Obviously, if its flyable, then we will be flying first... the beer always tastes nicer after a flight for some reason.

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Hi all.

Might not be able to make it next weekend. the log cabin, is now due for delivery next weekend. apparently it's still in Sweden. If delivery is delayed then i will come.

Hope to pick up the motor on the 31st. but need to talk to Gilo Monday.

Making some progress on the fuel gauge. Have a look at "ASAP Supplies" under Products-fuel management. they do a Faria unit with an inline sensor, that fits into the fuel line. No need to drill the tank. Off the shelf sensors should be available from other sources, but can't find any at the moment.

Are we progressing the clothing , club emblem / avatar - Black Hawk based. I was thinking of contacting "Busterlung" to do the artwork for us.

Will confirm later in week when I have more info

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Hi Pete, i think it is still being considerd at the mo. Although most have or will have Parajets, not all memebers do. I think the plan was to come up with a logo that encompased all motors. One idea is to have a three bladed prop with wings either side and "LPC" writen underneath it. This will be a memebers decision though and open for deabte when we next meet. It would be nice to have our own logo though.

I think there is potential to have individual names such as black hawk 1,2,3 & 4 and your name embroidered on the garments. The initial plan was to stick with black, and have fleeces, caps, t shirts etc ... I will leave the rest to Rich to post.

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