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rad paramotor

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can any rad enthusiasts help with a few queery,s.what oil is recomended and ratio .there are two ajustment screws ,the top one i take it is for the idle speed and the lower one is the air fuel fine tune.now as i sit in the seat down the left side there is an ingenius spring steel rod that is makeing it,s way up the back of the seat and emerging in front of the decompresion valve ,tell me it works i will probably need new diaframs as it,s only been run for three minutes and that was about ten years ago and i don,t have a manual

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Castrol TTS, ie fully synthetic racing 2 stroke oil, 33-1 - just put 150mils into a 5 litre can. I bought a Rad mxl new 9 years ago and kept it for 7. Make sure there is a safety wire around the exhaust in-case/for-when it falls off. Mine and a few others had a weakness on the mounting brackets.

The conical screw on the carb is for tickover the other is the low mixture screw.

Bring it to Cheshire and would be happy to tell you all about them.


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