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Weekend Weather Forecast 23/2/2012


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Issued: 1000hrs Thursday 23rd February 2011


High pressure remains to the south of Ireland throughout Saturday. A weak warm front is going to be through southern Ireland and southern parts of England., with a cold front moving into western Scotland in the afternoon.

The front to the south is going to be leading to plenty of cloud, drizzle, mist and murk through the south of Ireland, the far south of Wales and much of southern England and the English Channel through Sunday.

The afternoon should see a slight improvement, although always staying cloudy and murk at times.

The rest of Ireland, Wales, the Midlands, East Anglia and northern England will be remaining dry. There will be cloud, but this will be breaking leaving conditions fair with sunny spells and good visibility.

Eastern and much of southern Scotland should be dry with broken cloud, but not so in the far west where thicker cloud brings some light rain, but this then turns more persistent into the afternoon as the cold front approaches.

Winds mainly W 15-19kt (F4-F5) in the south, becoming W-WSW 20-26kt (F5-F6) through northern England and the northern half of Ireland, but WSW-SW 25-30kt (F6-F7) in Scotland and SW 35kt (F8) at times in western Scotland.



High pressure remains to the south of the country on Sunday with the flow becoming more southwesterly for all. A series of fronts will be tracking eastwards through the day.

For most southern and central parts of England as well as the northeast of England and eastern Wales, the day is likely to be one of a fair amount of cloud, but some sunny spells too after morning mist, and possibly fog patches, have cleared. It should be largely dry, although the airmass is moist and so the threat of some drizzle on higher ground can’t be ruled out.

For west Wales, the western coasts of southwest England and northwest England it will be a more grey day with plenty of low cloud, mist and some drizzle at times.

Eastern Scotland and eastern Ireland may be dry although cloudy, but to the west and through western Ireland rain will be more persistent and possibly heavy at times.

Winds mainly SW 7-12kt (F3) in the far south, SW 20-25kt (F6) in the north.



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