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london flying airspace this summer


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The BHPA is an active part of the 2012 Olympic/Paralympic Airspace

preparation work, and one interesting point raised recently was that the CAA

wishes to see, at worst, a resumption of normal flying after all the

Temporary Prohibited, Restricted and Controlled Airspace has ceased to


Why should this not automatically be the case? Well should there be an

infringement of one of the many and various bits of Temporary Airspace it

will hit world headlines in a way that does not bear thinking about, which

would force a political reaction.

In general the problem is probably not you, as you have shown an interest by

reading this, but it is the people who for whatever reason will not see this

or read it. "So what?", you might say. Quite simply the fallout from an

infringement could have long term detrimental effects upon all our flying.

This is completely ignoring how the individual pilot's day could be ruined

by a potentially terminal visitation from an Apache, Typhoon or SAM!

Therefore it is in all our interests to make sure that every pilot that we

know, member or not, knows about the Airspace

A good starting point for what is going to happen when to the airspace is:


Remember that it will be being updated on a regular basis between now and

the end of the Olympics.

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