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True top speed of wings.

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Anybody else out there, able to do some rough top speeds of their wings?

I flew a 16 mile trip into the wind/cross wind and back.

Average speed there was 45mph (72.5 kph)

Average speed back was 26mph (42 kph)

Average top speed = 35.5mph (57 kph)

OK not very scientific but just an indication. I shall try to do some more speed tests and get a better picture.

Wing is a Fusion 28.

All up weight was around 150 KG.

Mike :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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I am looking to do some calc's for the our new Speedsters... All the hype say there fast! but how fast so far my top speed is 82km/h but that was down wind @ with about 10km/h tailwind.

I will work out some average figures as soon as we get a low wind day.

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