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First Paramotor

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I'm a guy of 52 who has just started learning to paramotor and so far enjoying it immensely.

Any advice on my first paramotor & wing/canopy?

I will probably only ever purchase the one, so want it to last, I dont want a "sports!!" one...at the age of 52 I'd prefer something stable and reliable.....more of a cruise.

I weigh 85.5 kg

Many thanks for your thoughts.


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There are loads of people out there that think there parmotor is the best!!!! Me for one :wink:

There are some question you need to ask your self.....


new or second hand?

2 stroke or my fav 4 stroke?

High or low hangpoint?

Active or fixed chassis?

What type of flying are you planning on doing?

How heavy are you IE thrust needed? Thrust needed depends on wing size as well as body weight..

There is not really a sports model paramotor IMO

If you answer some of these question then people will give you advice on the paramotor that might fit your needs...

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