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Introducing the Somerset & Bristol Branch of the Paramotor Club.

Thinking it was about time that Bristol had a paramotor club branch I contacted Simon and asked about the possibilities, hey presto we have a Bristol & Somerset club & I have offered to be the co-ordinator - this is all a little new to me so please bear with me until I find my feet so to speak.

Firstly my name is Adam and I live just outside of Bristol in Nailsea, Whilst I am fairly new to the sport of paramotoring, I have had experience flying other types of aircraft in the past & enjoy most, flying with other like minded people.

First things first I suppose, we need to find a club base or central contact point and some fields to fly from - or areas that shouldn't be flown from!! There are lots of open spaces around here and farmers who might welcome a spot of diversification so any pointers or contacts would be great, I have fairly thick skin and don't mind asking for permission to use peoples land, but an introduction is always helpful.

It may be a while before we are up and running as a proper club. Perhaps we can use this area of the main forum as a contact point for anyone looking to fly in the area, and a way to find like minded pilots and maybe meet up.


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I've flown with a group who are fairly well established and often fly in the Bath/Bristol area. Might be worth trying to tie in with them as they are a friendly bunch and are experienced pilots (much more so than me), with a good knoledge of the area (ie Bristol airspace limitations).

If you managed to get a few extra flying sites in the area that would only be a good thing - I'm working on a couple myself at the moment.

Look forwards to flying together soon.


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