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Trip to Pyrenees Orientales

Guest francis777

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Hi All.

I am taking a group to the Ceret Valley and Perepeteuse, in the French Eastern Pyrenees, from Saturday 16th Feb to Saturday 24th. This region has open plains flying, coastal and mountains. We will be hosted by Clear Skies Fly Guiding. The cost is 550. This includes transport of motors to and from the UK, airport transfers, guiding and ground support and accomodation. Just add food and airfair.... e.gRyanAir fly to Girona from Stansted, Luton and Bournemouth - currently around £60. There are daily flights to Perpignan (40 mins drive from Prades), Girona (1.5 hrs), Toulouse (2hrs) and Barcelona (2.5 hrs) - see Ryan air, BMI Baby, Easyjet and Flybe. By road it is approximately 17 hours drive from the Channel ports of Calais , Dunkerque and Le Havre.

Price update: I have negotiated a 10% reduction rate for paramotorclub members!!!! £495 if you are a signed up member of his forum!!!!

I flew here in Feb last year and it is superb. There will be Paramotoring and Paragliding opportunities in numerous locations. I have room for five more pilots. Please PM me for booking details or answer this post if you want more details on line or talk about the trip.

This location is suitable for low airtime pilots and also the most experienced. There is something here for everyone!

This is the first of the 2008 calender of trips abroad. Next will be Italy in April folowed by Ireland in June.

You will need to have third party insurance in place and the usual medical and repatriation insurance that covers our sport.

Perepeteuse Cathar Castle


Ceret Valley


Leucate Cove




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For one reason or another I have always been busy when this venue pops up!!!!

Just about everyone I know who has 'glided' there adores the place! (Simon P, Terry W, tell us more!)

As poo as it is, I am not here for this one again! but I will also say dont do a me! get yourself on this trip if you can! It will stick in your mind forever, I know it.


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Udo (Clear Skies Fly Guide) has been talking with the Mairie (town hall) at Perepeteuse. They are keen to let us fly from the Castle for tourist publicity! (hence the discount posted earlier)

I am so fed up with the rain and more rain that I am gagging to get down there and fly.

Last year, when we went, it was the day that we had all that snow and all the airports were closed. Got the last flight out of Bournemouth to Girona. All that week the Uk was rainy and blowy. We had five days sunny flying and a brilliant time.

Udo has the brief for four locations so far. Perepeteuse (Cathar Castle on a spine ridge) great XC from here and wonderful scenic Catalan mountain flying.

Ceret (valley of Cherries), broad plains land bordered by the mountains of the French/Spanish border. The XC from here is up to 150km. Or the local scenic flights are numerous.

Tuchan (Valley of vines) this is a 10km broad vallley ringed by mountains. There is a winery at the centre to end the day in a relaxed way.

Targasson(Roof of the world)This is a 20km wide 100km long glacial valley high up in the mountains near Andora. Fly around the valley and up to the snowy peaks, fly across to Spain and back, its glorious.

This trip is open to all experience levels. We will find suitable locations for all to enjoy to the max without pushing anyones limits.

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Here is a good reason to get on this trip.

Monday 28th January 2008 to Sunday 10th February 2008


“Staying unsettled, potential for stronger winds.”

The early part of February may well be marked by strong winds and gales as low pressure continues to bring spells of wet and windy weather to many areas. Temperatures will again be at least above average if not well above average, both by day and night. Sunshine amounts, however, could well be disappointing for western parts of the British Isles.

Temperatures will again be at least above average if not well above average, both by day and night. Sunshine amounts, however, could well be disappointing for western parts of the British Isles.

Will mid-February bring change to the unsettled spell? Find out more next week.

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Sounds like a good trip Francis,

Having flown in the pyrenees several times before it is a wonderfull place, BUT i am away flying in Brazil for 2 weeks which clashes with your trip. :(

Casternon De Sos is one of my favourite flying sites just inside the spanish side. :D

Hopefully i may be able to do another later in the year :?

Have a good time

Simon Payne

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keep your eye on this forum and you will be the first to hear of any. Coming up are Italy in April and (probably) Ireland in August.

I will also be scoping the potential for training in the pyrenees so pilots can complete their course where the weather is kinder, Sorry that does not help you this trip Rocco but a "heads up" to trainers and their students on this development in the near future.

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