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5hrs 12mins today (Clent/Bromsgrove/Droitwich/Kiddy)


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Sharp and punchy thermals early on, but by the third flight they had become quite round and gentle. Motor yet again faultless and easy reverse launches and landings in the 7-9mph breeze. Base was only 2800ft asl early on, but had risen to 3,400 mid afternoon as the sky gradually clouded over. Early evening flight met up with the Virgin 16 Balloon and G-CEKS was out again. I went to within 2km of St John's (6pm) but didn't see anyone else up from Powick. Police chopper 'chased me' via Kidderminster later on.

Top ten flying day for 2011.


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Hi Mike, A bit of a shock receiving the photo, but I do stick to the airlaws so no issues on that front. Due to my internet posts, it's quite easy to find me in "the Google" after "paramotor clent" and then "norbertflyer" for the email address, as I subsequently tried.

Are you around for some flapping at all soon, subject to your rock roady lifestyle?


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