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Synthesis ALC connection picture


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I have a Synth that I have borrowed the ALC system off to try with other wings. Anyway I have just come to refit it and guess what I cant remember the line to riser layout. Can someone with the same wing grab a photo of the risers showing where the line passes through and where the bungee attaches to.

Many thanks


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I converted an original Paramania Revolution to ALC last year (amongst various mods I made to the wing). It worked but the line plan didn't really suit it. Wasn't nearly as effective as on the Synth or the Nucleon. I also converted a Synth to ALC when the Nucleon first came out and about a year before it became standard on the Synth. I connected the top of my system one cascade lower than Dudek so my ALC operated twice as much brake making it really effective.

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