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Reserve suggestions

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I favour the Dudek over the Gin.

The outer bag is a much better set up and the the reserve sizes are more suited to the weight of a paramotor + pilot.

The Gin 1 is a Paragliding reserve so has a lighter all up.

It used to be the best, but now I would opt for the Dudek.

Contact me if you want a price for either.


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I went for the Apco Mayday as it has been around for ages, is fully certified and came out best in most areas such as weight, opening time, sink rate & stability (independent tests). Also, some manufacturers quote a maximum load, but the best sink rate at a much lower weight. Apco quote sink rate at max load, so if you are lighter than this you will come down even slower.


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Gin do these in 2 newer sizes.


Maybe #50 might be good for pilots at or over 130kg all up weight. (but it is heavy-ish at 2.6kg)

Check with Simon.

Remember to include your wing in the overall weight as the reserve will be carrying everything.

An average 80KG person could be well into the 130kgs when you add it all up.

Paramotor, clothes, suit, helmet, camera, mirror, water, full tank of fuel, wing, gloves, glasses, radio gear, wing bag, mobile phone, maps, altimiter, flight deck, kitchen sink etc!

And we all fly heavier in winter!

Mike :mrgreen:

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