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The pie business is looking up..

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No. Have been annoying Steve asking when it's going to be ready as I'm itching to go flying.

Looks like tomorrow is the day, which will give me a couple of days to run it in before the weather picks up again.

I've got 2 weeks off work, so I can chase the good weather & go enjoy myself.

How's the training going? Am guessing you have your motor now, so not long before you're flying?? Will have to meet up for a jolly sometime soon.

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Training has come to a temporary halt.

The pie orders went up from 2,000 to 10,000 a match, plus they want a couple of thousand for the corporate side!

We've created a monster.......

Jo was being filmed for some foodie programme yesterday. Some ex-England rugby player presents it?! Big Bake off or some old tripe like that!

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Not at the moment Si.

The margins are stupidly low, we are looking to mechanise rapidly to increase our gpm.

Anyone on here work in the food production/packing industry? There could be a nice little job we have for you to supply machinery...... :wink:

The farmer who is in partnership with us is really interested in the PPG. He said I could fly into work.

Just a couple of probs to that offer though, He's based in Hastings and there's power lines running all over the fields!! :cry::cry:

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