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Is it worth it in Manchester?

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Hello all,

I've been thinking about paramotoring for a while now and have been reading different articles and speaking to local training schools.

I am wondering if it is worth it though as I live just outside of Manchester (Oldham for those who know Manchester) and this is near Manchester airport with regular planes flying overhead.

I often read of people using a local field to take off from but I'm wondering if I would need to travel far and wide to be able to fly?

I've not purchased anything yet nor have I undertaken any training but am looking to do this in the near future.

Let me know what you think?

Kind regards


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Daniel, there are lots of active paramotor pilots around your area and you only need to drive 15 minutes from Oldham to legally launch into class G airspace - and some amazing scenery around the Pennines :)

Manchester class A airspace gives you an upper ceiling of 3500 ft, but that still allows you 2000ft above all but the highest peaks (North of the M62), and much more around the flatlands & valleys. To the West of Oldham this is reduced to 3000ft (Class D), but more than sufficient for XC flights over the moors.

True, we share the sky with other light aircraft and need to understand an air map, but if you follow the rules there are many thousands of miles to enjoy without mixing it with Easy Jet ! :lol:

This will all be covered in your training and you can meet local pilots on the Lancashire Hot Props yahoo forum.


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I didn't realise there were people nearby who flew!

I'll have to have a look at their forum and introduce myself.

As I'm a newbie, the different classes of airspace are still alien to me but when I do the training, all should become clearer!

Thanks for the advice!

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No problem.

If you contact Gabe Cassidy or Paul Kilburn on the Hot Props forum or Manchester Paragliders website they will know most of the people round your way (and who to avoid) ! :wink:

Best thing to do before committing to anything or spending money is to go along when people are out flying - watch, and chat to some of the pilots who will be happy to give advice.

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