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It's all new to me

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Afternoon all,

I know you've answered this all before but just in case i missed anything again here i go.

I'm a lapsed microlight pilot (350 hours) on flex and fixed.

I am serioulsy thinking about moving to a more relxed way of flying.

I have read about the training but how many days would it take somebody with my knowledge and experience to get up and away safely on my own.

Also i don't want to buy brand new kit so whats the best way to go about buying 2nd hand if possible.

I am very new to this side of spending all my money hence all the questions.

Finally what are the weight limits on wings etc..i'm no super slim athelete and a little large for some of the older microlights.


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Hi Mike,

Your training will likely take the same amount of time as someone who has never flown. (with the possible exception of not having to cover 'some' of the theory.

It is Sooooooo different to what you have flown before.

It normally takes people about 3-4 days to get flight 1 out of the way and another 5-6 days of consolidating, touch and goes, spot landings and some cross country flights.

Ref second hand kit, I suggest that you wait until you start your training and use school kit to get going. Most of the decent bargains happen in the field and dont gat as far as e-bay.

If your near me, ( Swindon ) please do call. :-)

I am away until the 09th of August teaching at what is now a propper PMC site in Palma :-) (more news on that when I am back)


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