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ppg over worcester


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orange/white or red/white ppg high over worcs.heading towards powick in the fair brezze.you were chucking out the rpm loud.what was the wind like up there.blowing at ground level.nice one/

It was dan flying powick.i went and had a looksee..


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Good to catch up yesterday Jock.

Apologies for the noise :roll: i think i had started a big climb not long after I turned for Powick at J7, need to get a bit of pipe after the exhaust to try and lessen the effect!! I would of been about 2.5k above you so it must be loud.

Had a great flight, took off not knowing if conditions were going to be that good and they ended up OK, wind wasn't too bad at all at height, certainly plenty of penetration. I flew a lap of worcester at about 3k then climbed to 5k when I got back near Powick. Engine off and had a bit of a play to get used to the wing again (not a lot of airtime lately) I want to learn to SAT and whilst I am probably a couple more flights off trying it I thought I would drop it into a fast spiral to build up some confidence. I did drop it in a bit quick and managed to register -20m/s :shock: , I held it for a couple of grand (not at 20ms) untill I decided I was confused enough! The wind had taken me a fair way back at this point and with the spinning and drift I had to have a serious look to work out where the F I was!! I got back over the field and did a few gentle and very poorly executed wingovers then landed. I realy do need a lot more practice. I used to be a drummer so you would think my timing would be better........ Clearly not!

Think I may be after a new motor now, I want a bit more economy. Its a shame because the custom air has been an amazing machine, it flys so nicely. I like to fly high, I am way happier when I lose the connection to the ground, thats when flying beomes magical for me. Unfortunately this is not an economical way to fly and I am burning a shed load of fuel on the crusier.

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on the drive to the feild,i did see you high above the feild,by the time i got to kempsey roundabout you were down.the deep spiral explains why you dissapeared from sight.lol/ i think the custom air frame is the best frame out there,just fit the new bailey v5 to it..thursday looks good but im on a team meeting day at work.great, as i work on my own at work during the night.i dont need to see the day walkers/lol not on a good flying day..........

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