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Camera Setup


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Afternoon all

In the interests of saving £300 for a GoPro (as I already have a small Sony HD Camcorder) I was thinking of getting a camera mount instead.

Found a few online, and just wondered what you think? What other ways have you lot mounted cameras?

Here’s a few ideas – this one could maybe go on the frame, the beauty being that the camera can be positioned once attached:


This mini HD 2 doesn’t look bad for the price actually, but do wonder about the picture quality:


Even something as cheap as this could be a winner, as it would allow attachment to a helmet (mine is vented):


This page allows for a customisable solution, allowing you to choose a mount, arm and adaptor, which would allow for positioning of the lens once mounted:


What do you think?



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Having owned both (VholdR 1080p), I find the camcorder video far superior, especially if it has video stabilization built in.

I now have a helmet mounted sony HDR-CX130 (which is very small for a camcorder), and has superb 3-way image stabilization.

An added bonus is that the video takes one picture at a time, and is not continually scanning line by line which can make for some funny video effects like those in the above video.

As for mounting, I just used a bit of car bog to make a flat area, some rubber on top, then a bolt on the top of my helmet.

A bit of neoprene on top (fixed by velcro) makes it very hard for lines to catch.

I also have a wired remote which allows me to operate the camcorder whilst wearing it.


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The main issue with helmet mounting your camera (if interested in getting great shots) is that you also need to look where your going before you turn and so on...

It limits the type of shot that you can acquire which tends to make it look like everyone else's helmet cam.

That said of course it has its place! :-)

I have a HD Go-Pro here that I have used 3-4 times for about 10 mins each time. (had one of the first ones out) I just dont like the end result at all. :-( )

Now using Panasonic HDC-SD 700


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Thanks guys

So it looks like you have gone for the camcorder option....

As for the mounting, it looks like this would do the job without me breaking something: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FOTOPRO-SPORTS-Cycling-Camera-Mount-Camcorder-Video-HD-/170611223385?pt=UK_SportGoods_CyclAcces_RL&hash=item27b938ab59

Thanks again - I'll go with the Sony for now and see how I get on!




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