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2 seater trike


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Kobra would be worth checking out since you are in Spain. Superb construction and they would happily demo them for you at the factory near Madrid. http://www.kobrappg.com/en/ Very safe and solid, but not the cheapest, although they would be my first choice for full time use.

Nirvana, EC Extreme & others do a simple trike base that attaches to a paramotor for occasional use. It depends what you are looking for as they are quite basic things really and you could make one yourself as many have done, but there is a massive difference in quality / safety as you go up the price range.

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The Saudis have something called the Arabian Wolf :-) Counter rotating props... sounds like more your thing.



That is a monster of a trike.

Just not sure about the description:

Arabian wolf aircraft or aircraft Altrajk: -

Is a plane with three wheels and an umbrella with carrying two people can take off and landing


Absolutely incredible.....an umbrella....in the desert :?::?::lol:

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