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Radne starter motor


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What a pain in the arse... my starter motor packed up on my radne 120 home build. I ordered a new one from Sweeden and it worked fine for about five days then the bendix cracked and it jammed in the housing. I have now emailed radne and waiting on a reply. If I can work out how to post a picture I will let you lot see the problem. On the up side I got my trekking parawing back from the Loft with a clean bill of health. Only a riser and new magnets needed replacing - overall condition was recorded as good - not bad for £129 including collection and return from a courier.

It looks like Radne in Sweeden are ignoring me so have this in mind if you are ordering from them. It's been over a week since I first emailed them and have again twice since then. Any way I found another site:

http://shop.airways-airsports.com/param ... mit=30&p=3

These guys sell the starter for £112 with free postage. Some companies in the UK will try and sell you this unit for £250 - unbelievable !


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Did you have any luck sorting this out? My Raket bendix jammed today, took me ages to figure out what was wrong with it. What concerns me is that once it has jammed, it is more likely to jam again. Did you get a new one and if so how much and where from? Regards, Norris.

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