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Communication in the air


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Hello,yestarday we try to comminicate with other paramotor pilot in flight.

At the ground the sound its very good but in the air i cant hear what he says because the sound contains very "kxxxxxx" sounds.Why??

We have Wouxun KG-UVD1P with larygophone,

And Midland CT-200 with helmet and build in headset.

What to do?????

I have order a set of paramotor headset to see if its this Ok.

What do you suggest me to do???

Thaks a lot.

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I am sure this 'can' be caused by a plug cap or something?

Is there not a particular type of plug cap that is a no no....

Come on, we have enough radio geeks on here to help. :-)


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Like you said simon it could be a plug cap... Or it could be the plug itself both me and semyor have been having trouble with radio's the past few months... My motor started to pop and fart a bit and seymore's motor died the other day we have both changed plugs and now both motors run fine but also are radio's seem 100% beter. I also found a small alloy bracket loose inside my fan housing i have now fix that as well....

Try to use the radios on the ground with out motors running then start one check radio's then start the other check again then turn the fisrt motor off and check again. This will show you who's motor/engine/plug etc is playing up...

Also try this in the air if poss..

also you could make sure you have the squelch set correctly this i belive could give you back ground noise if set to low.....

I am no radio geek sorry

I hope this helps out

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Many manufacturers have coil signal voltage running thru the kill switch, which may or may not be close to or nearly touching a push to talk switch in dominant hand. This is kinda like playing your ipod with the earplugs wrapped around a sparkplug lead (ok, extreme example).

Resistor plugs and caps can suppress the RF from the coil, but as noted above do add load to high energy ignitions.

One step at a time in troubleshooting. First suggestion would be to do some proximity testing with a wireless friend around your running paramotor and determine where your largest interference is coming from. If everywhere, an 'R' plug, then resistor cap mayu be in order.

Do note some of the resistive concerns however:

http://www.ultralightnews.ca/articles/r ... dplugs.htm

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