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Peltor Aviator 8006 headset Help

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It would not surprise me if this has bee covered before somewhere on the forum. I am looking to set myself up with a headset and radio. From what I have learnt son far it would seem that 2m radio is the way to go and the Alinco DJ 195 keeps coming up as a popular choice. The Microavionics headset also seems to be the preferred headset and allow you to use airband radio. The cost of the Microavionics headset is hard for me to justify at the moment. Other headsets crop up on ebay etc which are cheaper. My question is which ones are suitable for paramotoring and do not need too much alteration. I have seen some Peltor 8006's. Are these suitable? (connections etc). Any information (pros cons etc) would be really appreciated because I dont want to buy the wrong thing.



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