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Trekking Parawing

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Hi guys

I'm new to flying and have bought an old trekking parawing in good nic and had the loft check it. Its a medium with a maximum weight of 95kg all up. This is really light, with my machine I will be about 10kg over at 105kg. I know they are tested to 7ish G so will not be damaged, but how about the flying characteristics? I think this might of been covered on here before but the answers were vague to say the least. ANy help will be welcome.


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The search function will expose some reading for sure.

I'd post a link, but flood control might snag it.

keywords should do it... or...

Google has some lovely suggestions:



In the context you ask about:


List goes on.

good luck.

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As long as the Trekking has been properly checked out, being 10Kgs over placard is nothing to worry about.

The Trekking is based on a paraglider wing and the general opinion back then was to fly the correct sized wing for free flight then just add all the paramotor gear the extra weight adding to its collapse resistance and usually a lot more than 10Kgs over placard. When I was beginning paramotoring I briefly flew a small Trekking at 78Kgs + motor gear and it flew very nicely indeed.


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