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help!! - can anybody tell me more about my ppg


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I have acquired a paramotor in mint condition (5hrs use) - my question is if anyone could advise me of the make/where spares can be sourced if need be:

what I know:

it says Radne on the cylinder head

Has a Walbro carb

Says 'Napende Paralotnie' ( Polish for Paramotor engines)

has high hang points (fine by me as I want something stable)

stainless steel 2-part cage

tuned radne exhaust pipe

runs on 33:1 mix

...got it with a brand new Supair reserve, and with a ozone atom M wing and a Swing Arcus 4 L in very crisp condition with service reports

...fired it up first time and it runs smooth as a nut - lots of power

I'm a newbie




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