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Any builders on here?


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I need a bit of advice if any of you lads know.

I’ve got a long and narrow building plot (7 meters wide) that I plan to build a detached house on.

Just got off the phone with the architect and he thinks we should consider using SIP’s to maximise internal floor space but couldn’t tell me much more about them as it would be the first time he’s worked with them :shock::?:

I have seen them before but dismissed them as cheap flat pack houses but apparently they are not. The house is only 5.5m wide so extra space would be a bonus.

Also, we have just completed a bungalow barely 30m from this plot that I had to have some drilling and grouting done at a cost that would make your eyes water. I’m sure the powers that be will make me do it again but Mr Architect seems to think that maybe we can get away with the drilling if we use SIP’s. I really can’t see how.

He’s a good guy but I don’t want to be a guinea pig for him.

I’m pretty sure there are builders on here or maybe someone that has used them on a self build.

Any advice or experience appreciated.

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Yeah sure.

The house is for my sister and it’s her money I’m playing with so would be good to speak to someone who has experience and make the right choice.

Not a responsibility I’m enjoying :roll:

Im having real trouble posting anything. I keep getting logged out soon as I try :?

Driving me mad!

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im a builder / developer...

unfortunatly i havent used sip's....and cannot fully comment.....

but would you really save that much on space by using this method?...a traditional brick / cavity / block construction would only be 280mm wide if the correct cavity insulation was used

granted you would potentially save some time on erection, but unless time is very critical to you, i would say the increased cost of using the system would not be worth it.

have you looked at timber frame?...again not much cavity width saving, but quick to erect and well insulated.

i would invest wisely in the services of a thorough geotechnical consultant ( with trial / boreholes ) to ascertain the most cost effective foundation solution....and use your saved money on the build.

i can put you in touch with one if you require.....and if necessary i have a friend that is a drilling and grouting specialist that travels nationwide and is very reasonable.

sounds like you grouted a seam or a shaft on your last job!....i had a job where we were grouting for 12 weeks solid.....thousands of tonnes of PFA went in.....ouch!

good luck!

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Thanks Macey

It was a seam that they did and I thought 50 tonne was excessive!

Please do pm me the details of the guys you know. We did have a geotec guy last time but wasn’t impressed with him. I don’t really think he had our interests at heart.

Thanks again

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hello bud,

sorry for the delay...

try jim sladen at sladen associates http://www.sladenassociates.com/

tell him mark mason from broadmark in stoke on trent passed you on...

he uses a friend of mine for the rotary drilling or trial holes, and then provides a full site report and recommendations...i think you will find him very very reasonable in cost too.

let me know how you go on....and if you do need grouting, let me know and il put you onto my friend.

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