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Leg-mounted map case


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I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a leg mounted map holder? Of course I could easily make one with an Ortlieb map case and some velcro straps, but I would be interested if there was something cheaply available.

Normally I fly with a photocopy of the relevant part of the CAA chart in a map case attached on a short cord and stuffed in a jacket. However with my front mounted reserve (with GPS and iPhone on the deck) it is a bit of a phaff to get it out and it flaps around - though not enough to get caught in anything.

I rarely need to consult the map as I study it well before flying and I have the GPS and iPhone as two different forms of navigation, but it is useful as a backup and as I start flying slightly closer to London there is lots more restricted airspace to worrk about. I might also start doing some longer x-country flights soon. I thought that a leg mounted map holder would make things a little easier.

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I got one of these, good value but will not take a whole airmap folded up. I cut mine up into usable size pieces to solve that problem.

One other problem, if you have a front mounted reserve... when the map case is strapped to your leg the reserve is in the bloody way!

Tom :-)

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