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Constant right Brake - Question


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I will ask my instructor this but thought I will ask on here aswell.

I have just got a new wing a APCO Thrust 09 Large and I have had 2 flights on it now and i constantly had to use left brake to counteract the torque steer which obviosuly i dont think is right, the trims were set identically for slow flight

Am I right in thing thinking these are my options:

Higher the caribiner on the right side?

Open right trim more to allow a more straight flight?

Any other options.



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is the strap the only way to go or will any of my suggestions work


Hi Jonny - I had the same wing but the opposite 'problem' of having to use left brake all the time ..... obviously my prop spins in the opposite direction .... :)

If you can't correct it with weightshift then simply offset the trimmer settings so one side flies slightly faster to correct it, or use a torque strap as Gordon suggests. What paramotor are you using ? Many of them are set up to offset the torque correctly at the risers - have a look at the way Parajet mount theirs.

My solution was to mount my reserve at the side, which pretty much set it straight in level flight. You would need to mount yours on the right. Trimmers are easiest though and won't induce any turn when you pull them in for landing with motor off. The Apco is a great wing BTW and very easy to get on with.

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If you're flying a reflex wing though be aware that a little bit of trim on the opposite side will actually make the problem worse. Of course too much trim and the advantages of the reflex system are totally out the window- which is why most pilots fly low hang point systems.

A torque strap is the best idea, but it will need to be adjusted with rpm changes periodically... fine if you fly at a relatively constant rpm, but who does really?


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